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Still, there is a general rule: when Scott Sumner says you are wrong, you are wrong - Tyler Cowen.

Scott Sumner has a FAQ where he briefly explains his views on monetary policy. He also made a post with links to important posts and articles with his views on a wide range of topics.

My favorite blog posts - in chronological order

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Worth 1000 words.

Income: A meaningless, misleading, and pernicious concept

Income and wealth inequality data: Nonsense on stilts

Why I don’t believe in liquidity traps

Why Japan’s QE didn’t “work”

Fannie, Freddie, and the three “crises”

Are there any non-QTM explanations of the price level?

“You want more NGDP? Well why didn’t you say so!” (What Krugman doesn’t get about Barro/Fama/Cochrane)

When legend becomes fact, print the legend

The mystery of mini-recessions: The dog that didn’t bark