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What is nominal GDP level targeting?

A nominal GDP (NGDP) target (often called a nominal income target) is an alternative to an inflation target. The central bank would try to keep NGDP growing at a predetermined rate. An NGDP level target is the same thing except that the central bank would remember any previous deviations of NGDP growth compared to the target and try to make up for them in later years. If the target is 5% and NGDP comes in at only 4% one year, they would aim for 6% the next year.

Why should we do nominal GDP level targeting?

NGDP level targeting has the last few years been promoted in a number of blogs by a group of economists (usually referred to as market monetarists) as a solution to our current recession. They focus on rational expectations, the quantity theory of money, and sticky wages.

How can a central bank target nominal GDP?

The central bank could continue to use the same tools as today. However, most market monetarists seem to prefer that central banks should give up on interest rates and lending and instead focus on managing the monetary base.

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